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IECS is een van origine een ICT bedrijf gespecialiseerd in netwerken en opzetten van servers 2003 -2008, naast computer hardware bieden we vanaf sept. 2011 ook beveiliginscamera's aan en zijn neven producten.

IECS is een bedrijf die vloeit vanuit het bedrijf Data-Ninic die in 1996 samen met Cubic-Circle (internet provider Limburg) is gestart.
Ook is de firma biosecurecard hieruit onstaan zie onderstaand voor meer info.
Kortom IECS is altijd klein gebleven met het oog op service en klantgerichtheid op het MKB.  

Explanation from the Biosecurecard: for more info see:  (www.biosecurecard.com)

Technical description Biosecurecard™
The Biosecurecard™ is the first Smart-Card with an integrated biometrics
Fingerprint-Identification-System, encryption- and signature-algorithm
and protected storage for the multifunctional use world-wide.

􀂄 Identity card
􀂄 Passport
􀂄 Driver licence
􀂄 Healthy card
􀂄 Bankcard
􀂄 Money card
􀂄 Credit card
􀂄 Citicens- Card
􀂄 Company Card
􀂄 Digital testament
􀂄 Emergency card
􀂄 VIP-card
􀂄 Access card
􀂄 Multifunction Card

The Biosecurecard™ is the result of long-time experiences in the design of
complex security-solutions and enables through combination of most modern
micro-electronic components, biometrics algorithms, security - and
operating system-technologies, a fraud - and miss use-security unequal
until now with electronic identifications. The Biosecurecard™ makes
the substitute of uncertain PIN's and passwords through the
fingerprint in fix -been based applications for the first time possible.
Architecture of the Biosecurecard™
The architecture of the Biosecurecard™ guarant
highest fraud - and miss use -security,

􀂄 highest Privacy/Protection of the biometrics data and
􀂄 highest comfort without PIN's and passwords.

The Biosecurecard™ comprises following components:

􀂄 Smart Card Controller,
􀂄 Fingerprint-Identification-System with Fingerprint-Sensor

Smart Card Controllers
The Smart-Card-Controller chip integrated in the identification puts the
processor necessary for the multifunctional use -, code -,
signature - and storage-functions to the disposal and is compatible for 7816
Smart-Card-Reader to conventional ISO. The Smart-Card-Controller
is connected over an internal interface (I/O-Interface) with the
Fingerprint-Identification-System. About this the result of the
Fingerprint-Verification can be finished reading and the manual input will
reimburse PIN on so. The elite of the fingerprint - data of the integrated
Fingerprint-Identification-System is not possible.
The elite of the person-referential identification-data (not the
fingerprint-data) from the Smart Card controller chip as well as the
utilisation its code - and signature-functions could be taken place in
computers through any customary personnel with conventional Smart-Card-reader in
principle. This is especially with the multifunctional use of the
identification for private and public Identification - and
signature-applications, like for example e-Banking, e-Commerce, e-Government or

Healthcare necessary and mean full.
A describing of the Biosecurecard™ with person-referential data as well as the
storage of the biometrics characteristics, fingerprint, hand-geometry, face,
3.2 Fingerprint-Identification-System
The biometrics Fingerprint-Identification-System integrated on the
Biosecurecard™ makes the automatic check up of the fingerprint and of the
user codified stored fingerprint-data and of the identification-possessor with
them on the card possible. The integrated Fingerprint-Identification-System is
independent from the Smart-Card-controller and comprises the recording, storage
and verification of the fingerprint on the Biosecurecard™ . An integrated
living-recognition of the finger guarant highest forgery-proof-ness.

Fig.: Biosecurecard(TM) with integrated biometrics

Specifications for the biosecurecard:
Size specifications card: Norm ISO 7816-1; standard size 85,6 x 54,0 x 0,76 mm using material PVC ore Polyester, ore Polycarbonaat.
Fysical size specifications and position between contacts and microchip & fingerprintsensor must on Norm ISO 7816-2
The cardreader (USB connector) must have a fysical look a like, like a smartcardreader For the Norm ISO 7815-7816
Biosecurecard ISO 7816-1
to USB port
Contacts from the reader


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